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Are You A Leader Who Plans or Panics?

7 January 2013

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Many successful business leaders from the outside look as if they have the easiest job in the world.  They don’t seem to be doing anything apart from spending all their time chatting to and entertaining people.  Very often they just seem to be having a great time laughing and joking with everyone. 

The reason this type of leader looks as if they are not really doing anything is because they don’t need to make themselves look important.  They know that the success of the team lies with everyone in the team and they value the time spend finding out from others where the potential problems could arise.  They do this by building great relationships with every member of their team.

People trust them and are happy to talk honestly and openly to them.  They are able to plan for all the things that could potentially go wrong because they know how to get the facts from people rather than what people assume about a situation.  

This type of leader very rarely encounters unexpected surprises that could affect the success of their business.   When they do, it is usually something that could not have foreseen.  When this happens they will learn from the situation and add that into their future contingency plans.

Often it is not until this type of leader leaves a company that others appreciate the amazing job that they were quietly doing, and the value they brought, by preempting and taking action to ensure potential problems did NOT arise.

Compare that way of leading to the leaders that are always firefighting and panicking. The leaders who have to be the hero!!  The people who make a big noise about, how they will do whatever they have to do to solve the crisis. The big egos that want everyone to know who is in charge!!

These people thrive on looking important and like to be admired for all the hard work they do.  They would hate for people to think they are doing nothing.  Very often people leading this way expect everyone to work long hours.  They issue orders and instructions regardless of others opinions.  They are the leader so they know best!

Being led in this manner can be frustrating, exhausting and de-motivating for others as they feel that their knowledge and expertise are not valued.

There will always be leaders who have a personal need to lead through ego. Everything is about them and never the people in their team.  I take a bit of a cheeky look at this in 7 Worst Ways to Lead in Business http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=7+Worst+Ways+to+Lead+in+Business

If this type of leader would only take the time remember that people follow leaders.  By taking time to talk to, listen to and value the knowledge of others maybe they would not be fighting crisis after crisis!!

A successful leader is like a conductor who takes the qualities of every individual in their team and creates a harmonious working environment where everyone works well together.  

Their job is to really get to know how everyone works and encourage people to communicate openly and honestly with each other to get things.  This only happens when you take the time to ask others really smart questions, listen to and act upon the answers you get. 

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