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You are the STAR of your own reality TV show

21 August 2012

tv illustration.jpg

We all create our own perception of situations and the job of a good business leader in to be able see things from the perspective of others


Take a moment to imagine you are looking (in your minds eye) at your front door:

Point to where you imagine seeing your door. 

Point to where the door handle is.

What colour is your door?

What way does the door open, towards you or away from you?

Can you hear the noise it makes?

Are you looking at the door from the inside or outside of your house?

Point to where the letterbox is (if you have one).

What way does the key turn in the lock?

Is there a doorbell or knocker?

Is it your home or your office door?

Am I correct is saying that what you are looking at is not real live door?   You can’t knock on this door or feel the texture of the surface.  However you can easily imagine seeing your door.

This is only a memory of the your door however by just thinking about it you can imagine yourself in the situation of standing in front of your door.

This example is a simple one about your door.  However we experience all memories in this way.  I am sure there are things at work you remember and you cringe when you think about them.   You have other situations when you were really proud of your achievements and just thinking about that makes you feel great.

When people remember something they create images (almost like a holographic film or pictures) complete with soundtracks their head and feelings in their body.

We all have the ability to experience a memory as if actually back in that situation in amazing detail.  By being at the centre of our own experiences everyone  ‘stars’ in their own reality TV show!

If you are always in your own ‘show’ you are not an leader!!

Great leaders are able to switch off their TV show and turn on the ‘TV reality shows’ of the people they lead.  In other words they step ‘out of their head’ and pay attention to what is going on with the other people around them.

One of the quickest ways to do this is by turning down the volume of your ‘soundtrack’ and you will find out how to do this in the next chapter.

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