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How do you feel about Public Speaking?

24 February 2012

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When I am delivering communication training I am always amazed at the response when I ask people “Have you ever considered, is the reality you experience the same for everyone else?"

In my experience about 80% to 90% of the business people I train have never given this a thought.  They just assumed that we all experience life in the same way.

We are at the centre of our life and to make sense of the world we have to ‘try on’ experiences.  For example to be able to say to “I am rubbish at presenting” (even if you have never done one – and loads of people do that!) you have to imagine what it is like to give a presentation.

Now if in your mind the thought of giving a presentation makes you nervous, you can almost see the situation where you are making a fool of yourself in front of others.

People are laughing at you, your voice is trembling in fact you may even start to notice your palms sweating as you get that horrible feeling in your stomach.

The thought of getting up in front of others just fills you with dread and no way are you going to volunteer to give a presentation. 

Now compare that to someone who says (again whether they have done one or not)  ‘I am great at presenting” Do you think they are experiencing the same reality?   No, I don’t think so.

Their reality will be that they get up in front of people and talk and imagine people enjoying listening to them.  When they think about giving a presentation they feel confident, strong and are happy to volunteer.

Now the interesting thing is that although these two situations are different we still don’t know who can deliver a good presentation in reality.

Just because a person thinks they can do something well does not always mean that they are good.  I am sure you have sat through many presentations that the only person having a good time was the presenter!

And conversely just because someone does not like the thought of something does not mean that they can never learn to do that thing really well.

In fact some of the best presenters are great because they decided to develop themselves and learn public speaking skills and practice these skill so that they would no longer be rubbish at public speaking.

We all experience the world differently and by finding out others do things well in their world you can learn to think about things in different ways.  As soon as you have the choice of doing things in different ways it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


Enjoy finding out how others do the things you want to do well.


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