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Choose your 'state’ before you start anything?

10 March 2011


What I mean by this question is what ‘State’ do you go into before you start anything. 

For example do you choose to go into a good ‘State’ before you walk into work or do you just not think about it and walk in the way you are feeling automatically? 

‘State’ in this sense is the impact and results that what we are thinking has on our physiology. We can be in a resourceful state or an un-resourceful state before starting a task. 

Our thoughts affect our physiology and energy, which in turn affects our ability to think clearly. 

To experience changing your state sit down and imagine you are really tired and you have no energy, your muscles are heavy, you really don’t feel like moving – now stand up and notice how that feels.

Sit down again and this time start to feel really good you know the feeling of freedom you get just before you are ready to do something amazing like a longed for holiday, or going to hear your favourite band in concert, or meeting up with a great friend you have not seen in ages. Get that good feeling going and now stand up – notice the feeling this time. 

What is the difference from the first time you stand up to the second time? Was there a change in the speed that you moved? The only thing that you were doing differently was thinking different thoughts. 

So next time when you have got something important task to do you can either put yourself in a bad ‘state’ by thinking about how difficult this is and how long it will take you to finish or you can take yourself into a good state before you start it, get excited at the thought of getting it finished easily and getting on with the next thing. 

The great thing is the choice is yours!

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